About J&J Logistics Ltd – Malawi

The J&J Logistics Ltd offices were opened in Malawi in 2017. We work on ensuring a fast turnaround of trucks and to minimise delays enroute to various destinations within Malawi for loading or offloading cargo. In conjunction with our sister companies vast Mozambican and Zimbabwean fleet we are able to provide unparalleled capacity for cross border transportation.

J&J Logistics has physical presence in Blantyre, Lilongwe and both major border posts; Mwanza and Dedza respectively.

J&J has a fully integrated management system which is in line with internationally recognized SHEQ standards such as ISO45001:2018 and proudly uphold high health, safety, environment and security standards. J&J is compliant with all legislation and are compliant with international Anti-Corruption norms with our Anti-Corruption Policy.

We have state of the art IT systems for real-time truck and order tracking and reporting. Together with our network of experienced and dedicated customer service experts we provide our customers with an intelligent end to end logistics solution tailor made for their needs.

Routes we Manage:

J&J Logistics Ltd travel to and from the following routes, including quotations and participation in tenders:

  • Malawi to Mozambique via Mwanza, Dedza, Mulanje and Mandimba borders;
  • Malawi to Zimbabwe via Mwanza and Dedza borders and to these borders from Zimbabwe via Nyamapanda border.

Contact Details:

J&J Logistics Ltd | PO Box 677, Blantyre Malawi | Tel: +265 996 585939 | Email: sam@jjafrica.com or costas@jjafrica.com

Country Manager – Samantha Scordis

Sam has been with J&J Transport since 2017 and comes with extensive logistics experience prior to joining. Her background includes working within major airlines including British Airways and this foothold gives her a firm understanding of providing the customer with a premium service. With vast experience in Sales and Marketing, Samantha has a hands on approach to running J&J Logistics in Malawi.

Her understanding of what the clients in Malawi want from a transporter, allows her to meet their requirements and subsequently allows our clients to meet their goals.

Operations Manager – Costas Scordis

Costas has many years of experience in logistics, sales and marketing in Malawi. His background includes logistics in agriculture (tobacco) and with distribution.

Costas has been with J&J since 2018 and his experience, his energetic approach and familiarity with the market, enables him to run a very efficient operation, always ensuring that the trucks are loaded